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Ursula Rickert, Dipl. Ing. (FH)
Institute for Food and Resource Economics (ILR)
University of Bonn
Meckenheimer Allee 174
D-53115 Bonn, Germany

Tel. +49 (0)228 73-3121


Dr. Manuela Meraner
Institute for Food and Resource Economics (ILR)
University of Bonn
Nußallee 19
D-53115 Bonn, Germany

Tel. +49 (0)228 73-3036

Office hours
Tuesday and Thursday: 9.30 – 11.30
and by arrangement

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After Studying

Holders of an AFECO degree find their employment opportunities in service companies like insurances and consulting firms, in business companies, in associations, non-profit-organizations and public authorities of the agricultural and food sector, of environmental protection and of development cooperation.

Our students benefit from the excellent visibility of the institute and the AFECO program when starting their professional career, supported by an active learning process which also encourages to take an active part in international research projects.

A yearly organized agricultural career day offers the students the chance to get in direct contact with potential employers and inform themselves about the job market.

In addition, the VDL student group at our facility regularly organizes so called practical lectures which present companies to our students.




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