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Masterarbeiten zur Vergabe

Diese Themen sind Vorschläge und stehen in der Regel in Zusammenhang mit laufenden Forschungsprojekten. Gerne sprechen wir mit Ihnen auch über eigene Ideen zu Themen aus dem Feld Wirtschafts- und Agrarpolitik.

Die Formatvorlage für Masterarbeiten ist hier zum Download verfügbar. Beispielhafte Masterarbeiten können in unserer Bibliothek eingesehen werden.

These topics are suggestions and are typically related to ongoing research projects. We are happy to speak with you about your own ideas to thesis topics in the wider field of Economic and Agricultural Policy.

The template for the master thesis can be downloaded here. Exemplary works can be found in our library.


Titel Betreuer 
A model of global cropland expansion since 1970 and resulting scenarios for Sub-Saharan Africa Dr. Arnim Kuhn 
An investigation of volatility spillovers between a set of agricultural markets Dr. Stephanie Grosche 
Citation cultures in different sub-disciplines of agricultural sciences Prof. Dr. Thomas Heckelei 
Comparing economic and environmental performance of dairy farming and suckler cows husbandry PD Dr. Wolfgang Britz 
Global trends in fertilizer use efficiency Dr. Arnim Kuhn 
How vulnerable are the world’s undernourished to food price spikes? Dr. Arnim Kuhn 
Identifying spatial interaction in the adoption of organic farming in Norway  Hugo Storm 
Investments into or service supply of agricultural machinery– a systematic analysis taking into account farm structural attributes PD Dr. Wolfgang Britz 
Resource use efficiency of organic versus conventional farming  Hugo Storm 
Sustainable intensification of agriculture: is it the key to co-produce food and fuels? Dr. Andrea Zimmermann 
Transatlantic trade, intensive and extensive margin of trade, and non-tariff barriers to food trade Dr. Yaghoob Jafari 


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