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Appenfeller, Dennis: Analysis and application of the Food Insecurity Experience Scale: The case of rural households in northern Mozambique

Appiah-Kubi, David: Commercialization Dynamics and Welfare Implications for Dryland Cereal Farmer in Central Tanzania: A Typology Study

Cao, An: Analyzing Price drivers of global corn markets using Structural Vector Autoregression

Ionio, Maria: A review of theories and evidence on linkages between agricultural futures and cash prices

Meier, Björn: Volatility spillovers between meat markets, feed markets and energy markets

Parlasca, Martin: Motivation for Bilateral Development Assistance in the New Millennium

Prithvira, Aditya: Unrecorded Cross-Border Trade of Food in Ghana: Reasons, Size and Consequences

Shahbandeh Najafabadi, Mahsa: Impacts of Animal Welfare Legislations on Livestock Production

Shone, Hailemichael Bekele: The distributive impacts of fertilizer subsidies and inveestments which reduce transaction costs: A Computable General Equilibrium analysis für Ethiopia

Tabe-Ojong: A double hurdle model of the impacts of improved chickpea adoption on smallholder commercialization in Ethiopia (Panel analysis)

Theilen, Greta Sophie: Migration as a response to climate change - induced food insecurity

Wedu, Tsega Desalegn: Growing Land Scarcity in Ethiopia:Challenges to Young Farmers and its Implication for Agricultural Productivity

Zineb, Laraichi: Cost-Benefit Anaysis of Wastewater Rweuse in Irrigation - Case study of Wastewater Treatment Plant in Morocco

Zurli, Elena: A Framework to Guide the Development of Functioning Seed Sectors


Arisandi, Dwi Fitriah: The Transmission of Fuel Subsidies Down the Agricultural Value Chain

Asselmann, Sina: Animal Welfare as a public good - Evaluation of the 'Initiative Tierwohl' in the German meat sector

Boller, Meta Leonie: Adoption of precision farming in industrialized countries and implications for European policiy

Dahlkvist, Emma: Elasticity of demand for gasoline in Sweden

Edwards, Brooke: Account and assessment of the emerging Sino-australian eef and cattle trade: industry and policy implications for australia

Hayer, Jan Heinrich: Fundamental price drivers and residual price effects in the global soybean market

Hillen, Judith: Policy Measures to reduce feed use in high-income countries: Potential impacts on global food grain markets

Holtmann, Katharina: Motive landwirtschaftlicher Einkommenskombinationen: eine Untersuchung des Agrartourismus in Münster und dem östlichen Umland

Mensah, Kristina: The Impacts of Food Safety Standards on Trade for Developing Countries: an Analysis for Fruit and Vegetables

Oglic, Elida: Land Use Changes Over the Last Two Decades in Europe: Making Use of Consolidated Data

Rezhak, Lena Desiree: Agricultural trade and policy developments in Iran

Schaub, Sergej: The Effect of a Switzerland-EU Free Trade Agreement on Swiss Agriculture -Application of an Endogenous Transaction cost Approach in the CAPRI Model

Schenck, Laura: Cash Transfers for Smallholder Farmers to condition or not to condition

Tsukanova, Yulia: Fundamental price drivers and residual price effects in global wheat markets

Tuyishime, Carine: Assessing the efficienca of an Input subsidy in raising incomes and welfare for smallholder agricultural households in Rwanda

Wang, Jingru: The Influence of GMO Debate on China's Soybean Futures Market


Ahwireng, Anderson Kwasi: Contribution of Agriculture to Economic Development and Impact of Agricultural Policy in Ghana

Altamirano: Economic Impact Analysis of the EU-CA FTA on CA

Builes Gaitan, Silvana Carmen: Socio-Economic Determinants of Land Degradation in Dya, Peanut Basisn of Senegal

Chudler, Nadav: Big Government and your Big Mac – Analyzing the Impact of Corn and Soybean Subsidies on US Meat Markets

Donezki, Elena: The Russian Food Import Regime: The Use of SPS Standards

Gerullis: Endogenous Norm Generation Mechanisms of Collective Action in Agent Based Models of Social-Ecological Systems

Groessbrink, Jan: Bestimmungsgründe für Preisunterschiede bei Rohmilch auf dem Europäischen Markt

Haddad, Salwa: Potential economic impact of the EU-Tunisia DCFTA and its implications on the Tunisian intra-regional trade with MENA region

Haile Gebrekidan, Bisrat: Effects of the Renewable Energy Act amendments on Biogas plant Investments an farm Management

Kita, Olaf Karol: Dairy Industry in the European Union: Differences in Competitiveness and Dairy Industry Structures Among the Member States

Kokkinos, Kristian: Welfare analysis of a Potential Harmonisation of NTM between the EU & the US

Liu, Yu: The Impact of the Free Trade Agreement between China and Australia on China's Milk Powder Imports

Rachmann, Dini Yuliana: The Implementation of Microfinance in Indonesia: The Case of Rice Farmers in the Karawang Regency

Seidel, Claudia: Conventionalization of organic farms in Germany – an empirical investigation based on a composite indicator approach

Sun, Miao: Inequitable Rent Generation for Renewable Elctricity Producers in Elcertifikatsystemet

Suveg, Melinda: Subsistence and Semi-Subsistence Farms in Hungary – Role, Determinants and Directions

Than Win, Moe Moe: Impacts of land confiscations on tenure, livelihoods and food security of smallholder farmers in Myanmar

Wolf, Ulrike: Analysis of the Maize Value Chain Ghana


Abebe, Getahun Gemechu: Off-farm Income and Technical Efficiency of Smallholder Farmers in Ethiopia – A Stochastic Frontier Analysis

Amirova, Iroda: Market analysis of compost from agroindustrial waste, organic waste and faecal sludge in Srilanka

Andreae, Felix Alexander: Analysis of changes in producers’ surplus of pig producers in the Netherlands, North Rhine-Westphalia and Lower Saxony due to supply shocks caused by highly contagious pig diseases

Apedo, Clever Kwasi: Post Partial Liberalization Assessment of Ghana's Cocoa Sector

Fintineru, Sergiu: The political process leading to the CAP-Reform 2013

Freixa Serra, Ester: Modelling Farmer’s Risk Attitudes in the Context of the Single Payment Scheme in Catalunya

Kostrova, Alisa: Factors determining the use of agricultural land in Russia

Lindqvist Ståhle, Siri: Impact of the international food price crisis in 2007/2008 on trade patterns for agricultural exports from Least Developed Countries

Marton, Tibor András: Impact of Industrial Processing on Hungarian Agro-Export Trade – Gravity Model Approach

Monika Ivaylova Varbanova: Socioeconomic and demographic factors influencing the choice of brand. Assessing consumers´ reactions to price promotions of national brands vs. private Labels in the Spanish food sector - Binary logit and multinominal Approach

Montoro Gonzáles, Lisset Del Pilar: Analysis of the impact of supply-side policies in the cocaine market focusing on Peru, Bolovia and Columbia

Mori Clement, Yadira Isbi: Do Integrated Pest Management (IPM) Practices reduce pesticide use over time? Analysis IPM Adoption in Tacna Valley, Peru

Rusetska, Uliana: How agricultural trade between Ukrain and the EU benefit from institutional harmonization? A Regression discontinuity approach

Stocco, Leandro: Supply Elasticities of Agricultural Commodities in Argentina

van Bürck, Cara: Understanding the changing structure, trading motives, and strategies of participants in the commodity derivative market

Weber, Regine: Rising Food Prices in India and ist Impacts: An Analysis based on principal food crops

Woldeyohanes, Tesfaye Berhanu: Off-farm Income and Smallholder Commercialization: Evidence from Ethiopian Rural Household Panel Data

Wu, Ruochen: Analyzing and Testing the Structure of China’s Imports for Cotton


Adamu, Alemnesh Angelo: The Implication of Economic Partnership Aggrement for Africa, Caribian and Pacific group: General Equlibrium Analysis

Boansi, David: Rice Production in Ghana: Past, Present and Future. ‘Driving Forces and Required Actions’

Borge del Rey, Laura: Analysis of farm household incomes in OECD countries

Borromeo, Miguel Roberto Vivar: Remittances and Educational Attainment of Children in the Phillipines

Dashja, Eriona: Differences in stringency in food regulations across selected countries

Dembrovszki, Sandor: The effects of EU accession on the Hungarian beef sector: a price transmission analysis

Gonzales Meza, Ana Elena: Comparative Analysis of Food and Nutrients Demand in the Context of the Conditional Cash Transfer "Oportuuades" in Mexico

Hasan, Mohammad Monirul: Determinants of the Food Consumption Vulnerability of the Extreme Poor - Empirical Evidence from Souther Bangladesh

Lemken, Dominik: Are Cashew Grades and other Tree Nut Prices linked?

Meraner: Understanding the driving characteristics of farm diversification in the Netherlands

Scharnowski, Philipp: Farmers' Willingness to Pay for Groundwater Recharge with Urban Wastewater: A Contingent Valuation Study in Rural Bangalore

Thanh, Do Kim: Sensitivity Analysis of Cotton Trade Liberalization: A Global Simulation Model Approach

Zheng, Xian: Why rural households chose not to participate in the open and optional village development fund in the poverty stricken areas of China


Ampomah-Gyebi, Abigail: The Effect of Rural-Urban Migration on Agricultural Productivity in Northern Region of Ghana

Ankamah-Yeboah, Isaac: Spatial Price Transmission in the Regional Maize Market in Ghana

Awopeju, Samson Oluwatobi: Determinants of Poverty Status Among Households in Nigeria

Dembek, Anna-Christina: The Importance of Intra-Regional Trade Barriers in East-Africa - The Maize Value Chain in Kenya

Ibragimov, Timur: Financial analysis of restructuring irrigation and drainage infrastructures in Khorezm/Uzbekistan

Otoo, Emmanuel Asane: International integration and threshold adjustment in the Burkinabe cereal market

Usman, Muhammed: Producer-Retail Price Transmission in the Cereal Markets of Ethiopia


Grosche, Stephanie: Promise and pitfalls of applied Granger causality analysis to assess the impact of speculators on agricultural commodity markets

Guenther-Luebbers, Welf-Ingmar: Analyse der Wirkung der EU-Getreidepolitik auf die Preisvolatilität

Plum, Irina: Erfolgsbewertung internationanler Entwicklungspolitik am Beispiel des AKP-Landes Kenia

Prokhorovich, Nataliya: Institutional Quality and Agricultural Trade: The Case of Russia

Rams, Sonja: Interventionsmaßnahmen zur Reduktion des Vitamin-A-Magels bei Kindern unter 5 Jahren in Ländern der Entwicklungszusammenarbeit unter besonderer Berücksichtigung Bangladeschs

Strumpen, Karl-Robert: Alternative Implementationen entkoppelter Prämienzahlung und ihre Wirkung auf Landpreise

Wendler, Stefanie: Fair Trade als Chance für Kleinbauern in Nicaragua?

Zhao, Na: Evaluating the Welfare Impact of Avian Influenza Related Regulatory Policies on Poultry Meat Track


Ha, Jihye: The economic impact of the Korea-EU FTA (Free Trade Agreement) on dairy markets

Neuhaus, Trevor: US Trade Policy under President Obama

Onah, Innocent: Global Rise in Food Prices and Countervailing Measures: Analyzing Determinants for Heterogeneity in Worldwide Policy Response

Pancho Yanza, Eric Manuel: Analysis of Food Manufacturing Firms with Foreign Direct Investment

Pisa, Magdalena: Income Status of Immigrant Housholds in Germany

Rasch, Sebastian: Agent based modelling of structural change in the dairy Sector

Schmidthäusler, Bianca: Anforderungen an den Schweinehalter in Deutschland und Spanien im Rahmen von Qualitätssicherungssystemen und Cross Compliance und deren Bedeutung für den Vieh- und Schweinefleischhandel

Slapka, Isabella: Der Zusammenhang von Versorgungsunsicherheit und politischer Destabilisierung

Steinmann, Thomas: Räumliche Unterschiede von Molkereiauszahlungspreisen: Theorie und empirische Analyse

Zhang, Yinan: The Influence of the Japanese Positive List System on the Chinese Tea Exportation: A Case Study of SPS Measure on Trade


Fortenbacher, Dominik: The Impacts of Technical Barriers to Trade a Caser Study on Philipines' Fresh Pineapple Exports

Huseynov, Rashad: A Quantitative Analysis of Azerbaijan's Agricultural Policy Reforms after Expected WTO Accession: A SAM Based Multiplier Model

Liu, Chang: Pork Price Determinants in China

Lorka, Maurice: Impacts of Food Prices on Individual Food Consuption in Urban Benin: Case of Cotonou

Schneider, Boris: International Capital Flows of Institutional Investors into the Agribusiness Sector

Steinmann, Michael: Milchqutoenausstieg 2015 - Entwicklungspotentiale verschiedener Betriebsklassen in Nordrhein-Westfalen

Storm, Hugo: Willingness to Pay for Irrigation Water in the Drâa Valley in Morocco - An Application of the Contingent Valuation Method and the MIVAD Model


Blume, Anne Luzia: Amending Trade Agreements by the Instititional Dimension-an Econonomic Evaluation of the European Neighbourhood Policy (ENP) with Case Study

Budde, Johanna: The Impacts of an Increased Bioenergy Production on the Agricultural Land Market of North Rhine-Westphalia


Schulte-Drüggelte, Robert: Determinanten der Beschäftigungsentwicklung in ländlichen Regionen - Diskussion der Arbeitsmarktmodellierung in Computable Gerneral Equlibrium Modellen

Schweiger, Jennifer: Einfluss der Instrumente der Einkommensstützung der Landwirtschaft auf die Pachtpreise am Beispiel Deutschland


Eggen, Maximilian: Food Safety Policy - An Economic Analysis of Consumers Participation (Lebensmittelsicherheitspolitik - Eine ökonomische Analyse der Konsumbeteiligung)

Heidecke, Claudia: Berechnung und Bewertung eines regionalen Wasserarmutsindex für Benin

Koll, Marcus: Perspektiven der landwirtschaftlichen Produktion im Einzugsgebiet des Draas - Analyse unter Verwendung hydroökonomischen Modells

Nowak, Martin: Analyse der Förderung ländlicher Räume am Beispiel Polen

Schlüter, Simon Wilhelm: Economic analysis of multilateral and bilateral negotiations - The case of SPS standards (Ökonomische Analyse multilateraler und bilateraler Verhandlungen - Der Fall der SPS-Standards)

Voßwinkel, Christiane: The Role of Developing Countries in the Dispute Settlement System of the WTO - an Economic Analysis (Die Rolle der Entwicklungsländer im Streitschlichtungsverfahren der WTO - eine ökonomische Analyse)

Zimmermann, Andrea: Angebotsanalyse ukrainischer Großbetriebe vor dem Hintergrund agrarsektoraler Reformen


Götz, Christian: Analyse der Konvergenzeigenschaften von Marktmodellen mit angebotsseitiger Preiserwartung und Anpassungsverzögerung

Junker, Franziska: Abschätzung der Auswirkungen des "Everything but Arms"-Abkommens auf den Agrarhandel der Least Developed Countries

Mauelshagen, Klaus: Analysis of decision making in the 2003 CAP-reform from a political economy perspective (Analyse der Entscheidungsfindung im Rahmen der GAP-Reform 2003 aus der Perspektive der politischen Ökonomie)

Molina, Rubén: Analysis of Greenhouse Gas Emissions in the European fertiliser industry

Sandrock, Gita: Auswirkungen bilateraler Handelsabkommen zwischen der EU und Südafrika auf den südafrikanischen Agrarsektor


Gossman, Christine: Die Beurteilung der in 2002 vorgelegten Reformvorschläge zur Gemeinsamen Agrarpolitik vor dem Hintergrund quantitativer Modellanalysen

Grafenstein, Victoria Annette von: Föderalismus in der europäischen Agrarumweltpolitik und sein Beurteilung am Beispiel des Kulturlandschaftsprogramms im Bundesland Bayern

Schulze-Wethmar, Philipp: Ökolandbau in Deutschland - Entwicklung, Perspektiven, Anforderungen


Porten, Marco: Analyse staatlich geförderter Umstrukturierungsmaßnahmen in Weinbaugebieten der Region Model/Saar/Ruwer mittels eines volldynamischen einzelbetrieblichen Optimierungsmodells

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