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Diploma and Master Theses


Can online food platforms lead consumers towards more sustainable choices? A digital intervention on Sluurpy’s platform

If Noah was a Businessman - Breeding Firms and Crop Genetic Diversity as a Resourceogies?

The impact of Economic Liberalization on the Flow of Official Development Aid from Germany to West African Economic and Monetary Union (WAEMU)


El Nino Southern Oscillation 2016-2017 in Peru: Impact on children's health

Envisioning a Resilient Food System - Insights from the Cologne/Bonn Area

Participation in cluster farming and its impacts on commercialization of smallholder farmers in Ethiopia

Sortenanforderungen und Sortenwahl im ökologischen Winterweizenanbau in Deutschland

The Effect of Risk Preferences on Adoption of Improved Rice Varieties in Tanzania

Wine, Climate, and Institutions - Exploring the role of endogenous institutional change on climate resilience with agent-based modlling


Agricultural Commercialization of Smallholder Farmers in Ethiopia: Determinants and Impact on Food Security

Analysis of agri-food exports from Sub-Saharan Africa to the European Union

Analysis of Automated Monitoring for Results-Based Agri-Environmental Schemes

Effects of rice trade policy on food security vulnerability in the Philippines

Farmers perception towards non-agricultural buyers in the North Rhine-Westphalian farmland market

Nitrogen Use Efficiency (NUE) in German Agriculture

Promoting sustainable diets: leveraging behavioural insights in policy design

Reducing greenhouse gas emissions of German animal farming through a combined intervention on domestic meat consumption and production

The effects of automation on low-skilled labour in vineyards

The Impact of the EU's maximum residue levels on Kenya's export of horticultural products

Vergleich der Hofnachfolgeregelungen in Schleswig-Holstein und Bayern anhand des Institutional Analysis Development Frameworks


An Assessment of the current Protection System for Geographical Indication in Vietnam

Analysis of options for enhancing the large-scale adoption of Conservation Agriculture practices in small mixed-farming systems of North Africa: Case of Tunisia

Community Impacts of Bayer's Smallholder Farming Initiative - A Social Impact Assessment of the Potato Pilot in Kenya

Exploring Challenges of small and medium size dairy farms in Pakistan and evaluating the Impact of large-scale dairy farming on the Performance of the dairy Industry of Pakistan

Forecasting: Corn Future Prices

Identification and Analysis of Obstacles facing the Organic Food Sector in Indonesia

Neighborhood Effects on Technical Efficiency of Teff Farms in Ethiopia

Policies for Promoting Sustainable Food Consumption in Industrial Countries: Strategies and Impact

Systematischer Kostenvergleich und gesetzliche Rahmenbedingungen für die Braugerstenlagerung einer Agrargenossenschaft

The Relationship of Firm Performance and International Trade - Firm-Level Evidence from a European Food Sector

The resource use efficiency of organic and conventional fruit production - a comparison across individual fruits and fruit categories

The role of the Multi-Stakeholder-Partnership-Approach as an Extension of Development Cooperation - An example for Agricultural Value Chains in Vietnam and the Philippines


Adoption of environmentally friendly farming practices: Overview and an emprical Analysis of manure storage

Assessing adoption potentials for innovations on dairy farms in Western Kenya

Economic Analysis of Integrated Vegetable and Poultry Production Systems in the Babati District of Tanzania

Market and Welfare Impact Assessment of Target-price-based Subsidy Program in Chinese Cotton Market

The Impact of a diet Change on EU Nutrition security and greenhouse gas emissions

The impact of Ukraine's accession to the European Union on its agricultural exports


A double hurdle model of the impacts of improved chickpea adoption on smallholder commercialization in Ethiopia (Panel analysis)

A Framework to Guide the Development of Functioning Seed Sectors

A review of theories and evidence on linkages between agricultural futures and cash prices

Analysis and application of the Food Insecurity Experience Scale: The case of rural households in northern Mozambique

Analyzing Price drivers of global corn markets using Structural Vector Autoregression

Commercialization Dynamics and Welfare Implications for Dryland Cereal Farmer in Central Tanzania: A Typology Study

Cost-Benefit Anaysis of Wastewater Rweuse in Irrigation - Case study of Wastewater Treatment Plant in Morocco

Growing Land Scarcity in Ethiopia:Challenges to Young Farmers and its Implication for Agricultural Productivity

Impacts of Animal Welfare Legislations on Livestock Production

Migration as a response to climate change - induced food insecurity

Motivation for Bilateral Development Assistance in the New Millennium

The distributive impacts of fertilizer subsidies and investments which reduce transaction costs: A Computable General Equilibrium analysis für Ethiopia

Trade Liberalization in the Ecuador-EU Comprehensive Trade Agreement and its Impact on the Agri-Food Sector in Ecuador

Unrecorded Cross-Border Trade of Food in Ghana: Reasons, Size and Consequences

Volatility spillovers between meat markets, feed markets and energy markets


Account and assessment of the emerging Sino-australian eef and cattle trade: industry and policy implications for australia

Adoption of precision farming in industrialized countries and implications for European policiy

Agricultural trade and policy developments in Iran

Animal Welfare as a public good - Evaluation of the 'Initiative Tierwohl' in the German meat sector

Assessing the efficienca of an Input subsidy in raising incomes and welfare for smallholder agricultural households in Rwanda

Cash Transfers for Smallholder Farmers to condition or not to condition

Elasticity of demand for gasoline in Sweden

Fundamental price drivers and residual price effects in global wheat markets

Fundamental price drivers and residual price effects in the global soybean market

Land Use Changes Over the Last Two Decades in Europe: Making Use of Consolidated Data

Motive landwirtschaftlicher Einkommenskombinationen: eine Untersuchung des Agrartourismus in Münster und dem östlichen Umland

Policy Measures to reduce feed use in high-income countries: Potential impacts on global food grain markets

The Effect of a Switzerland-EU Free Trade Agreement on Swiss Agriculture -Application of an Endogenous Transaction cost Approach in the CAPRI Model

The Impacts of Food Safety Standards on Trade for Developing Countries: an Analysis for Fruit and Vegetables

The Influence of GMO Debate on China's Soybean Futures Market

The Transmission of Fuel Subsidies Down the Agricultural Value Chain


Analysis of the Maize Value Chain Ghana

Bestimmungsgründe für Preisunterschiede bei Rohmilch auf dem Europäischen Markt

Big Government and your Big Mac – Analyzing the Impact of Corn and Soybean Subsidies on US Meat Markets

Contribution of Agriculture to Economic Development and Impact of Agricultural Policy in Ghana

Conventionalization of organic farms in Germany – an empirical investigation based on a composite indicator approach

Dairy Industry in the European Union: Differences in Competitiveness and Dairy Industry Structures Among the Member States

Economic Impact Analysis of the EU-CA FTA on CA

Effects of the Renewable Energy Act amendments on Biogas plant Investments an farm Management

Endogenous Norm Generation Mechanisms of Collective Action in Agent Based Models of Social-Ecological Systems

Impacts of land confiscations on tenure, livelihoods and food security of smallholder farmers in Myanmar

Inequitable Rent Generation for Renewable Elctricity Producers in Elcertifikatsystemet

Potential economic impact of the EU-Tunisia DCFTA and its implications on the Tunisian intra-regional trade with MENA region

Socio-Economic Determinants of Land Degradation in Dya, Peanut Basisn of Senegal

Subsistence and Semi-Subsistence Farms in Hungary – Role, Determinants and Directions

The Impact of the Free Trade Agreement between China and Australia on China's Milk Powder Imports

The Implementation of Microfinance in Indonesia: The Case of Rice Farmers in the Karawang Regency

The Russian Food Import Regime: The Use of SPS Standards

Welfare analysis of a Potential Harmonisation of NTM between the EU & the US


Analysis of changes in producers’ surplus of pig producers in the Netherlands, North Rhine-Westphalia and Lower Saxony due to supply shocks caused by highly contagious pig diseases

Analysis of the impact of supply-side policies in the cocaine market focusing on Peru, Bolovia and Columbia

Analyzing and Testing the Structure of China’s Imports for Cotton

Do Integrated Pest Management (IPM) Practices reduce pesticide use over time? Analysis IPM Adoption in Tacna Valley, Peru

Factors determining the use of agricultural land in Russia

How agricultural trade between Ukrain and the EU benefit from institutional harmonization? A Regression discontinuity approach

Impact of Industrial Processing on Hungarian Agro-Export Trade – Gravity Model Approach

Impact of the international food price crisis in 2007/2008 on trade patterns for agricultural exports from Least Developed Countries

Market analysis of compost from agroindustrial waste, organic waste and faecal sludge in Srilanka

Modelling Farmer’s Risk Attitudes in the Context of the Single Payment Scheme in Catalunya

Off-farm Income and Smallholder Commercialization: Evidence from Ethiopian Rural Household Panel Data

Off-farm Income and Technical Efficiency of Smallholder Farmers in Ethiopia – A Stochastic Frontier Analysis

Post Partial Liberalization Assessment of Ghana's Cocoa Sector

Rising Food Prices in India and ist Impacts: An Analysis based on principal food crops

Socioeconomic and demographic factors influencing the choice of brand. Assessing consumers´ reactions to price promotions of national brands vs. private Labels in the Spanish food sector - Binary logit and multinominal Approach

Supply Elasticities of Agricultural Commodities in Argentina

The political process leading to the CAP-Reform 2013

Understanding the changing structure, trading motives, and strategies of participants in the commodity derivative market


Analysis of farm household incomes in OECD countries

Are Cashew Grades and other Tree Nut Prices linked?

Comparative Analysis of Food and Nutrients Demand in the Context of the Conditional Cash Transfer "Oportuuades" in Mexico

Determinants of the Food Consumption Vulnerability of the Extreme Poor - Empirical Evidence from Souther Bangladesh

Differences in stringency in food regulations across selected countries

Farmers' Willingness to Pay for Groundwater Recharge with Urban Wastewater: A Contingent Valuation Study in Rural Bangalore

Remittances and Educational Attainment of Children in the Phillipines

Rice Production in Ghana: Past, Present and Future. ‘Driving Forces and Required Actions’

Sensitivity Analysis of Cotton Trade Liberalization: A Global Simulation Model Approach

The effects of EU accession on the Hungarian beef sector: a price transmission analysis

The Implication of Economic Partnership Aggrement for Africa, Caribian and Pacific group: General Equlibrium Analysis

Understanding the driving characteristics of farm diversification in the Netherlands

Why rural households chose not to participate in the open and optional village development fund in the poverty stricken areas of China


Determinants of Poverty Status Among Households in Nigeria

Financial analysis of restructuring irrigation and drainage infrastructures in Khorezm/Uzbekistan

International integration and threshold adjustment in the Burkinabe cereal market

Producer-Retail Price Transmission in the Cereal Markets of Ethiopia

Spatial Price Transmission in the Regional Maize Market in Ghana

The Effect of Rural-Urban Migration on Agricultural Productivity in Northern Region of Ghana

The Importance of Intra-Regional Trade Barriers in East-Africa - The Maize Value Chain in Kenya


Alternative Implementationen entkoppelter Prämienzahlung und ihre Wirkung auf Landpreise

Analyse der Wirkung der EU-Getreidepolitik auf die Preisvolatilität

Erfolgsbewertung internationanler Entwicklungspolitik am Beispiel des AKP-Landes Kenia

Evaluating the Welfare Impact of Avian Influenza Related Regulatory Policies on Poultry Meat Track

Fair Trade als Chance für Kleinbauern in Nicaragua?

Institutional Quality and Agricultural Trade: The Case of Russia

Interventionsmaßnahmen zur Reduktion des Vitamin-A-Magels bei Kindern unter 5 Jahren in Ländern der Entwicklungszusammenarbeit unter besonderer Berücksichtigung Bangladeschs

Promise and pitfalls of applied Granger causality analysis to assess the impact of speculators on agricultural commodity markets


Agent based modelling of structural change in the dairy Sector

Analysis of Food Manufacturing Firms with Foreign Direct Investment

Anforderungen an den Schweinehalter in Deutschland und Spanien im Rahmen von Qualitätssicherungssystemen und Cross Compliance und deren Bedeutung für den Vieh- und Schweinefleischhandel

Der Zusammenhang von Versorgungsunsicherheit und politischer Destabilisierung

Global Rise in Food Prices and Countervailing Measures: Analyzing Determinants for Heterogeneity in Worldwide Policy Response

Income Status of Immigrant Housholds in Germany

Räumliche Unterschiede von Molkereiauszahlungspreisen: Theorie und empirische Analyse

The economic impact of the Korea-EU FTA (Free Trade Agreement) on dairy markets

The Influence of the Japanese Positive List System on the Chinese Tea Exportation: A Case Study of SPS Measure on Trade

US Trade Policy under President Obama


A Quantitative Analysis of Azerbaijan's Agricultural Policy Reforms after Expected WTO Accession: A SAM Based Multiplier Model

Impacts of Food Prices on Individual Food Consuption in Urban Benin: Case of Cotonou

International Capital Flows of Institutional Investors into the Agribusiness Sector

Milchqutoenausstieg 2015 - Entwicklungspotentiale verschiedener Betriebsklassen in Nordrhein-Westfalen

Pork Price Determinants in China

The Impacts of Technical Barriers to Trade a Caser Study on Philipines' Fresh Pineapple Exports

Willingness to Pay for Irrigation Water in the Drâa Valley in Morocco - An Application of the Contingent Valuation Method and the MIVAD Model


Amending Trade Agreements by the Instititional Dimension-an Econonomic Evaluation of the European Neighbourhood Policy (ENP) with Case Study

The Impacts of an Increased Bioenergy Production on the Agricultural Land Market of North Rhine-Westphalia


Determinanten der Beschäftigungsentwicklung in ländlichen Regionen - Diskussion der Arbeitsmarktmodellierung in Computable Gerneral Equlibrium Modellen

Einfluss der Instrumente der Einkommensstützung der Landwirtschaft auf die Pachtpreise am Beispiel Deutschland


Analyse der Förderung ländlicher Räume am Beispiel Polen

Angebotsanalyse ukrainischer Großbetriebe vor dem Hintergrund agrarsektoraler Reformen

Berechnung und Bewertung eines regionalen Wasserarmutsindex für Benin

Economic analysis of multilateral and bilateral negotiations - The case of SPS standards (Ökonomische Analyse multilateraler und bilateraler Verhandlungen - Der Fall der SPS-Standards)

Food Safety Policy - An Economic Analysis of Consumers Participation (Lebensmittelsicherheitspolitik - Eine ökonomische Analyse der Konsumbeteiligung)

Perspektiven der landwirtschaftlichen Produktion im Einzugsgebiet des Draas - Analyse unter Verwendung hydroökonomischen Modells

The Role of Developing Countries in the Dispute Settlement System of the WTO - an Economic Analysis (Die Rolle der Entwicklungsländer im Streitschlichtungsverfahren der WTO - eine ökonomische Analyse)


Abschätzung der Auswirkungen des "Everything but Arms"-Abkommens auf den Agrarhandel der Least Developed Countries

Analyse der Konvergenzeigenschaften von Marktmodellen mit angebotsseitiger Preiserwartung und Anpassungsverzögerung

Analysis of decision making in the 2003 CAP-reform from a political economy perspective (Analyse der Entscheidungsfindung im Rahmen der GAP-Reform 2003 aus der Perspektive der politischen Ökonomie)

Analysis of Greenhouse Gas Emissions in the European fertiliser industry

Auswirkungen bilateraler Handelsabkommen zwischen der EU und Südafrika auf den südafrikanischen Agrarsektor


Die Beurteilung der in 2002 vorgelegten Reformvorschläge zur Gemeinsamen Agrarpolitik vor dem Hintergrund quantitativer Modellanalysen

Föderalismus in der europäischen Agrarumweltpolitik und sein Beurteilung am Beispiel des Kulturlandschaftsprogramms im Bundesland Bayern

Ökolandbau in Deutschland - Entwicklung, Perspektiven, Anforderungen


Analyse staatlich geförderter Umstrukturierungsmaßnahmen in Weinbaugebieten der Region Mosel/Saar/Ruwer mittels eines volldynamischen einzelbetrieblichen Optimierungsmodells