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@2030 Modelling System (FAO)

The @2030 model was developed by Wolfgang Britz for and is maintained by the GLobal Perspective Unit of FAO, Rome.


  • Recursive dynamic non-spatial world trade model, long-term oriented
  • Some 36 regional/national models and 32 products
  • Heuristic parameters, e.g. elasticities borrowed mainly from the World Food Model and the Food Demand Model
  • Developed for and applied by FAO, Rome, for long-term projections and simulations
  • Uses software tools developed by the Department for Economics and Agricultural Policy, University of Bonn



The at2030 System is a non-spatial, recursive-dynamic, synthetic, multi-regional, multi-product partial-equilibrium world trade model for all major food products.:

  • Identically structured regional modules, differences expressed by regional specific parametrization
  • Base line calibrated to the long-term projections by the FAO Global Perspective Unit
  • Covers PSE/CSEs as policy instruments
  • Time dependent supply and demand elasticities
  • Well behaved, flexible systems of supply and demand functions allow for a consistent welfare analysis
  • Difference between producer and consumer prices expressed by dynamic margins
  • Interactive internet based mapping and table tool
  • Written in GAMS


  • W. BRITZ:
    Major enhancements of @2030 modelling system
    Research report for the FAO, 2003
    The AT2030 Model: An Overview
    Powerpoint presentation, presented at the "World Outlook Conference 2001", in Stresa, Italy
  • W. Britz & SCHMIDHUBER, J.:
    @2030: A first step towards a modelling system for FAOs long-term projections for world agriculture
    in: Brockmeier M., F. Isermeyer. & von Cramon-Taubadel S. (eds): Liberalisierung des Weltagrarhandels - Strategien und Konsequenzen, Schriften der Gesellschaft für Wirtschafts- und Sozialwissenschaften des Landbaus e.V., Band 37 2002

@2030 at FAO (direct link):

Global Perspective Unit at FAO

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