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Common Agricultural Policy
Regionalised Impact
- The Rural Development Dimension
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Final conference in Louvain, Belgium, 14th and 15th Feburary 2013 ...
Training session in Piran, Slovenia, September 2012 ...
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This four year project under the 7th framework program, undertaken by a consortium of 10 research organisations from 7 EU countries and Turkey, is concerned with the development and application of a tool for policy impact assessment of the Common Agricultural Policy and general Rural Development policies.


Collaborative project
- Small to medium-scale focused research project
under the EU Seventh Framework Programme

The tool, in its final version covering the whole EU and all candidate and potential candidates countries, links the economic model CAPRI, covering agriculture, with Computable General Equilibrium models building on RegFin, covering all economic sectors. Their results, downscaled to 1km x 1km grid cells, drive bio-physical models and environmental indicator calculators.

The tool will inform policy makers and the public in ex-post and ex-ante impact assessments about consequences of changes in the Common Agricultural Policy based on a wide range of economic, social and environmental indicators.

Project No.: 226195 Start date: 1.03.2009 Duration of project: 48 months Project Co-ordinator:Wolfgang Britz, ILR European Commission Project Scientific Officer: Hans-Joerg Lutzeyer, DG-RTD

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