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CAP-STRAT Project: Task 1: Data base amelioration and update

The term "amelioration" relates to the work packages 2 to 4. The estimation for input coefficients and costs for the activities at NUTS II level use FADN data (WP2). As these data are available in a uniform format for the EU, the task can be handled by partner 5 in co-operation with the co-ordinating team. WP3 will systematically sample information on agri-environmental policy measures and develop their model implementation. The modifications necessary on the market side of the data base are done in WP4. This task is performed in co-operation between the responsible partner 6 and the co-ordinating team who has access to the WATSIM data base.

In opposite to these three working packages, the "up-date" of the regionalised data base (WP1) relies on contributions of all partners, because regionalised data are supplied by Eurostat's REGIO data base only to a certain extent and need to be supplemented by statistics from agencies in the different Member States. Therefore, this task is based on a network approach: each of the main partner is responsible for updating the data related to a cluster of Member States. The update process will be initiated twice: immediately after the project's start and in the first half of the second year to obtain the most recent data when validating the modelling system in WP9 to WP11. All teams will contribute in close co-operation with their sub-partners under the responsibility of the co-ordinating team. A one week training session will be organised in the first month of the project to provide all partners with a working knowledge on the structure of the CAPRI database, software tools and technical deta ils. This guarantees an efficient updating process.

WP1: Capri Data Base Update

WP2: Integration of FADN Data into CAPRI data base
WP3: Data on Environmentally Friendly Production Systems
WP4: Regional Disaggregation of the Market Module


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