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CAP-STRAT Project: Task 2: Methodological improvements of the existing modelling system

The improvements envisaged relate to quite specialised fields implying partner's responsibility according to their scientific background:

WP5: improved allocation steering of the crop part of the supply models based on re-estimation of the cost functions (partner 1 in co-operation with partner 6)

WP6: improvement of the dairy and beef sub-modules (partner 2)

WP7: revision of modelling Mediterranean products (partner 4)

WP8: revision of the market module with a focus on dairy products and gross trade (partner 6).

The co-ordinating team, responsible for the successful integration of the different sub-modules into a functional overall system, is involved in all these working packages and defines - together with the responsible partners - clear interface definitions between the overall system and the sub-modules.

The work on the methodological improvements will start in month 4 when the first round of the data update (WP1) is finalised - at least for some Member States - allowing to incorporate the most recent available data. After the methodological details are conceptualised and implemented, the validation of the sub-modules (Task 3) will start. This provides feed-backs for the finalisation of the methodological research.

An intermediate analysis of the work progress achieved will take place at workshop 01 in project month 12. The common analysis will be the basis for the 1st annual report, which will be devoted to the data base update (WP1-WP4) and the methodological achievements obtained during the project's first year in WP5-WP8.

WP5: Improvement of Crop Supply Response

WP6: Improvement of Dairy and Beef Sub-module
WP7: Improvement of Mediterranean Sub-module
WP8: Revision of the Market Module
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