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CAP-STRAT project Task 3: Validation of the resulting modelling system

The validation of the modelling system will follow the modular structure of the overall system. The validation will first attack in parallel two major components:

WP9: land allocation to crop activities

WP10: animal herds and feeding.

The partners responsible for the methodological improvements of these components (see WP5 and WP6) are also responsible for their validation. After these sub-modules are preliminary validated the validation of the overall system will commence. This process involves all partners in order to analyse the results in light of their knowledge on the agricultural sector in their regional cluster. It will also give the partners a better insight in the system's behaviour, a valuable asset for the later analyses of simulation runs.

The validation exercises will be initiated by a one week training session in a computer lab where the methodological details of the validation will be prepared and suitable software frameworks presented. The results of the validation are a major part of the 2nd annual report, complementing the final results of the work packages 1-8. This report will be prepared in workshop 02 in project month 24 where the main results of the second year will be presented as well.

WP9: Validation of Crop Supply Response

WP10: Validation of Animal and Feed Sub-Modules
WP11: Validation of Overall Modelling System
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