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CAP-STRAT: Publications

Task 1: Data Base Amelioration and Update

C.TRITTEN, B.HENRY DE FRAHAN, W.BRITZ: Regionalisation of the Rest of the World Aggregate,
CAPRI Working paper 01-01

E.GARVEY, W.BRITZ: Estimation of Input Allocation from EU Farm Accounting Data using Generalized Maximum Entropy,
CAPRI Working paper 02-01

F.GOULARD, F.JACQUET, H.-B.LEFER, F.SCHMITT, G.FLICHMAN: Working paper on agri-environmental policies and model implementation,
CAPRI Working paper 02-02

W.BRITZ, C.WIECK, T.JANSSON: National Framework of the CAPRI-Data Base: The CoCo - Module,
CAPRI Working paper 02-04

Task 2: Methodological Improvements of the Existing Modelling System:

W.BRITZ, C.TRITTEN: Calibration of a system of Marshallian Demands based on the Normalised Quadratic Expenditure,
CAPRI Working paper 02-03

W.BRITZ, M.SETTI, C.WIECK: Improvement of the Dairy and Beef sub-module,
CAPRI Working paper 02-06

V.MARTINEZ, A.GARCIA, J.M.GARCIA; A. HILARIO: A methodical discussion on alternatives for modelling permanent crop supply at the regional level,
CAPRI Working paper 02-07

W.BRITZ, C.WIECK: Modelling the processing of dairy products,
CAPRI Working paper 02-08

PALLADINO,G., SETTI, M., BURZO, A.: A Demographic Model for the EU Livestock
CAPRI Working paper 02-09

F.GOULARD, F. SCHMITT, G. FLICHMAN: Working paper and data on Phytosanitary pollution risk and Conventional, Integrated and Organic Production Systems
CAPRI Working paper 03-02

F.JUNKER, C. WIECK, T. JANSSON, I. PEREZ: Policy Representation in the CAPRI Model, CAPRI Working paper 03-03

S. TORRES LEDEZMA, R. YANKAM NJONOU, B. HENRY DE FRAHAN: Almost ideal demand system estimates for a highly disaggregated product palette in France, CAPRI Working paper 04-02

Task 4: Scenario Writing and Application of the System

K. LOUHICHI, B. HENRY DE FRAHAN, C.WIECK: Simulating the WTO Proposals: Effects on the European Agricultural sector
CAPRI Working paper 04-01

M. ADENAEUER, K. LOUHICHI, B. HENRY DE FRAHAN, H.P. WITZKE: Impact of the "Everything but Arms" initiative on the EU sugar sub-sector
CAPRI Working paper 04-03

Presentation from workshop # 3 in Bologna, March 24th/25th 2003

S. PFAFFENZELLER, Galway: Estimating Input Requirements using FADN Data

F. SCHMITT, Montpellier: Data on Environmentally Friendly Production Systems

W.BRITZ & T.JANSSON, Bonn: Improvement of the Crop Supply Specification

T.JANSSON & W.BRITZ, Bonn: Sensitivity Analysis with the Supply System of CAPRI

T.JANSSON, Lund & Bonn: New Presentation of Direct Premiums

CAPRI Team Bonn: A Spatial Market Model for CAPRI

CAPRI Team Valencia: Improved Mediterranean submodule

Kamel Elouhichi, Louvain-LN: Policy parameters for the market model

M. SETTI & G. PALLADINO: Improvement of the dairy and beef module

G. PALLADINO & M.SETTI: The integration of CAPRI and the physical SWAT model

I.PEREZ, Bonn: Abatement Cost Curves for Global Warming Gases derived from CAPRI

W.BRITZ, Bonn: Farm Type Models for CAPRI

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