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CAPRI-Dynaspat Project :
Task 4: Preparation for East Expansion

    The inclusion of the new Member States is a challenge for quantitative analysis as well, as (a) data sources are either non-existent, not fully harmonised, or feature only small numbers of observations over time, and (b) the existing modelling community in the new Member States, if any, has little experience with impact assessment of the CAP instruments in the context of free market economy.

    The project therefore proposes a two tier approach. For three larger new Member States, Hungary, Poland and Czech Republic, a full regionalisation is foreseen until the end of the project. Regionalisation for the other new Member States will depend on data availability and project resources.

    The main partner will be VUZE, a Czech research institute which has been involved over the last year in data sampling and modelling at national level. The team at VUZE will (a) provide a sample set for the CAPRI data base at national and regional on Czech agriculture including a meta data model which can be applied to other new Member States, (b) develop together with the team in Bonn a Czech sub-module for CAPRI, and will define from that experience a guide book of the inclusion of other Member States, (c) assess possible partners in the new Member States which could provide regional data, expertise in quantitative impact analysis and in the application of quantitative modelling system, and (d) integrate Hungary and Poland fully regionalised in the modelling system together with the Bonn team and sub-partners in Hungary and Poland data . To do so, a list of necessary attributes of possible partners needs to be developed covering aspects as experience in handling statistical data bases, access to data, experience in modelling and contribution of international research projects, institutional setting. The list of these attributes shall reflect the experiences gained by the Czech team during the sub-tasks (a) and (b). The last task consists of (e)  activities in the last year training with selected partners for regionalised data collection and the application of CAPRI. The final objective at the end of project period is to have a network of partner institutes in the new Member States which could then built up the required data bases and modules to apply CAPRI for all new Member States.

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