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Dr. Hanna Julia Ihli

Dr. Hanna Julia Ihli

Postdoctoral Researcher

Chair of Economic and Agricultural Policy

Nußallee 21
D-53115 Bonn


Research Interests

  • Behavioral and experimental economics
  • Farmer decision making
  • Discrete choice modeling
  • Trust, risk and time preferences
  • Real options valuation

Academic Education

2011 – 2014 International Ph.D. Program for Agricultural Sciences ‘Transformation of Global Agri-Food Systems’, University of Goettingen
2008 – 2011 M.Sc. Agricultural Sciences in the Tropics and Subtropics (Graduate major in Rural Development Economics), University of Hohenheim
2005 – 2008 B.Sc. Agricultural Sciences (Graduate major in Crop Sciences), University of Hohenheim

Academic Employments

07/2020 – Present Postdoctoral Researcher, Chair of Economic and Agricultural Policy, Institute for Food and Resource Economics (ILR), University of Bonn
01/2017 – 06/2020 Research Fellow, Systems Science Theme, World Agroforestry (ICRAF), Nairobi, Kenya / Institute for Environmental Economics and World Trade (IUW), University of Hannover
01/2015 – 12/2016 Postdoctoral Researcher, Chair of Farm Management, Department of Agricultural Economics and Rural Development, University of Goettingen
06/2011 – 12/2014 Doctoral Researcher, RTG ‘Transformation of global agri-food systems: Trends, driving forces and implications for developing countries’ (GlobalFood), University of Goettingen

Research Projects

2020 – 2021 DFG CRC 228: Future rural Africa: Future-making and social-ecological transformation
2017 – 2021 BMU IKI: Harnessing the potential of trees on farms for meeting national and global biodiversity targets
2017 – 2019 DFG research fellowship IH 128/1-1: The role of risk, ambiguity, and time preferences in farmers’ decision making to participate in agroforestry payments for environmental services programs in developing countries
2011 – 2014 DFG RTG 1666: Transformation of global agri-food systems: Trends, driving forces and implications for developing countries

Academic Awards

2020 DFG Return Grant at the University of Hannover
2017 – 2019 DFG Research Fellowship at ICRAF in Nairobi, Kenya
2015 DFG RTG ‘GlobalFood’ Academic Career Support Grant
2011 – 2014 DFG RTG ‘GlobalFood’ Ph.D. Position at the University of Goettingen
2010 Dr. Hermann Eiselen Research Grant to support M.Sc. thesis project in Uganda, Fiat Panis Foundation
2010 Baden-Wuerttemberg Grant to support exchange semester at the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile

Selected Publications

Ihli, H., Seegers, R., Winter, E., Chiputwa, B., and Gassner, A. (2021). Preferences for tree fruit market attributes among smallholder farmers in Eastern Rwanda. Agricultural Economics 2021: 1–17.

Graham, S., Ihli, H. J., and Gassner, A. (2021). Agroforestry, indigenous tree cover and biodiversity conservation: A case study of Mount Elgon in Uganda.  The European Journal of Development Research.

Ihli, H. J., Chiputwa, B., Winter, E., and Gassner, A. (2021). Risk and time preferences for participating in forest landscape restoration: The case of coffee farmers in Uganda. (Under Review)

Tabe Ojong, M., Alvarez, M., Ihli, H. J., Becker, M., and Heckelei, T. (2021). Action on invasive species: Control strategies of Parthenium hysterophorus L. on smallholder farms in Kenya. (Under Review)

Chiputwa, B., Faustina, O. A., Ihli, H. J., and Rusinamhodzi, L. (2021). Gender inclusion as pathway to sustainable cocoa and coffee in Africa, in: Tree Crop Commodities in Africa: Prospects for Resilient Green Economies. (Under Review)

Chiputwa, B., Ihli, H. J., Wainaina, P., and Gassner, A. (2020). Accounting for the invisible value of trees on farms through valuation of ecosystem services. In L. Rusinamhodzi (Ed.), The role of Ecosystem Services in Sustainable Food Systems (pp. 229–261). Elsevier Inc.

Ihli, H. J., Gassner, A., and Musshoff, O. (2018). Experimental insights on the investment behavior of small-scale coffee farmers in central Uganda under risk and uncertainty. Journal of Behavioral and Experimental Economics 75(C), 31–44.

Ihli, H. J., Chiputwa, B., and Musshoff, O. (2016). Do changing probabilities or payoffs in lottery-choice experiments affect risk preference outcomes? Evidence from rural Uganda. Journal of Agricultural and Resource Economics 41(2), 324–345.

Ihli, H. J., Maart-Noelck, S. C., and Musshoff, O. (2014). Does timing matter? A real options experiment to farmers’ investment and disinvestment behaviours. The Australian Journal of Agricultural and Resource Economics 58(3), 430–452.


Work in Progress

Ihli, H. J. (2021). Cooperative membership and trust: Experimental evidence from smallholder farmers in Eastern Rwanda (Manuscript under preparation)

Ihli, H. J. and Chiputwa, B. (2021). A gendered analysis of farmers’ preferences for shade trees in coffee agroforestry systems in Uganda. (Manuscript under preparation)

Ihli, H. J., Gebrekidan, B. H., Heckelei, T. (2021). The role of risk-taking behaviour and future discounting on aspirations. (Manuscript under preparation)

Chiputwa, B., Ihli, H. J., Dobie, P., and Gassner, A. (2021). Agroforestry as potential strategy towards forest landscape restoration: Mapping institutional and social networks for improved stakeholder engagement in Uganda. (Manuscript under preparation)


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