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PD Dr. Christine Wieck

Senior researcher and Lecturer

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Dr. Wieck's research is focused on the empirical analysis of regulatory impacts on national and international agricultural and food markets.
Her analyses span from farm level to global level and cover different agricultural markets (e.g. milk and milk products, meat markets) and types of regulations (quotas, food standards, quarantine and transboundary disease related regulations, animal welfare standards, market access measures, etc.).
The results of the research inform stakeholders about the competitive effects of certain regulations on markets (prices, production and trade quantities) and about the economic costs and benefits of potential alternative regulatory designs in a national or international context.
In her analyses she applies a wide variation of econometric and simulation model approaches or combinations of these where the representation of heterogeneity in the market actors, products, or regulations is specifically considered in the empirical applications.
Since 2012, she is the Vice speaker of the Interdisciplinary Research Center of Integrated Dairy Research of the University of Bonn.

General research interests:

  • Impacts of agri-food regulations on production, markets and international food trade
  • Economics and policy of livestock production
  • Applied econometrics

Current and past research topics:


2005: Doctorate degree in agricultural economics (Dr.agr.), University of Bonn

2001: Postgraduate Course "The World Trade Organisation and its Impact on International Agro-Food Marketing", CIHEAM, Zaragoza (Spain)

2000: Diploma in agricultural sciences (Dipl.-Ing. agr.), University of Bonn

Current teaching assignments:

  • Applied Trade Theory and Policy (SS)
  • European and International Agricultural Policies (WS)
  • Seminar Policy Analysis, with T. Heckelei (WS)


Feb. 2008 - current:
Assistant Professor ("Akademischer Rat"), Institute for Food and Resource Economics

Jun. 2007 - Jan. 2008:
Research Fellow, Institute for Food and Resource Economics

Jan. 2007 - Jun. 2007:
Assistant Professor, School of Economic Sciences, Washington State University (USA)

Jan. 2005 - Dec. 2006:
Postdoctoral Research Associate, IMPACT Center, Washington State University (USA)

Dec. 2000 - Dec. 2004:
Research Assistant, Institute for Agricultural Policy

Oct. 2003 - Nov. 2003:
Trainee, Permanent Mission of Germany to the International Organisations, Geneva, Switzerland
WTO-Unit, Agricultural Negotiations Section

Sep. 2000 - Nov. 2000:
Research Assistant, Technical University of Valencia, Spain
Department for Agricultural Policy

Sep. 1992 - Jul. 1996:
Work on agricultural farms, Germany

Honors, Memberships, Service:

  • Vice-speaker, Center for Integrated Dairy Research (CIDRE)
  • Travel grant German Research Foundation (DFG)
  • "Best Poster Award" together with W.Britz at annual meeting 2002 of GEWISOLA" (German Ag. Econ. Society)
  • International Award of German Agricultural Society (DLG) 2002
  • Exchange scholarship of European Community (Erasmus) between Technical University of Valencia and University of Bonn, 1999/2000
  • European Association of Agricultural Economics (EAAE)
  • German Agricultural Economics Society (GeWiSoLa)
  • German Agricultural Society (DLG)
  • International Agricultural Trade Research Consortium (IATRC)

Selected Publications (full list of publications can be found in the CV)

  • Faria de Nunes, R., Wieck, C. (2015).
    Analysis of the trade impact of asynchronous regulatory approval of new GMO events.
    Forthcoming in Food Policy.
  • Mittenzwei, K., Britz, W., Wieck, C. (2014).
    Does the EU green box distort markets?.
    Bio-based and Applied Economics 3(1): 1-20.
  • Annen, D.N., Wieck, C., Kempen, M. (2013).
    Animal welfare in public and private standards and on-farm compliance.
    German Journal of Agricultural Economics 62(3): 157-172.
  • Wieck, C., Annen, D.N. (2013).
    Understanding farmers' participation in and compliance with public and private standards.
    Food Economics 9(4): 199-214.
  • Mosnier, C., Wieck, C. (2012).
    Dynamiques regionales de la production laitiere France - Allemagne - Royaume-Uni.
    Economie rurale 332(Nov-Dec): 132-146.
  • Winchester, N., Rau, M.L., Goetz,C., Larue, B., Otsuki, T., Shutes. K., Wieck, C., Burnquist, H.L., Pinto de Souza, M.J., Nunes de Faria, R. (2012).
    The Impact of Regulatory Heterogeneity on Agri-food Trade.
    The World Economy 35(8): 973-993.
  • Wieck, C., Schlueter, S. W., Britz, W. (2012).
    Assessment of the Impact of Avian Influenza Related Regulatory Policies on Poultry Meat Trade and Welfare.
    The World Economy 35(8): 1037-1052.
  • Wieck, C. (2011).
    Trade and income impacts of selected NTMs in the dairy, fruit and vegetables, and meat sector.
    Presentation of NTM-IMPACT project results at the OECD/IPC expert workshop on "Non-Tariff Measures in Food and Agriculture: which road ahead?", 13.9.2011.
  • Wieck, C. (2011).
    Fair trade: Konzept und Probleme,
    Presentation and supervision of a working group with scholars from the German Business Foundation ("Stiftung der Deutschen Wirtschaft") in the context of an academy with the topic "Development cooperation in Sub-Sahara Africa", 26.7.2011, Bonn.
  • Wieck, C., Mosnier, C.(2011).
    Determinants of the spatial structure of regional production system ,
    Paper presented in Organised Session "Spatial competition in the dairy sector", European Association of Agricultural Economics Conference 2011, Zuerich (Switzerland).
  • Annen, D., Wieck C., Kempen, M. (2011).
    Evaluation of minimum animal welfare conditions in national standards and farm certification schemes for pig fattening ,
    Acta Agriculturae Scandinavica, Section A - Animal Science 61(1): 40-54.
  • Wieck C., Holland, D. (2010).
    The Economic Effect of the Canadian BSE Outbreak on the U.S. Economy ,
    Applied Economics 42 (8): 935-946
  • Wieck, C., Ruether, A., Heckelei, T. (2010).
    Aspekte der Agrarpolitik 2009,
    German Journal of Agricultural Economics (formerly Agrarwirtschaft) 59 (1): 1-15.
  • Schlüter, S.W., Wieck, C., Heckelei, T. (2009).
    Regulatory policies in meat trade: Is there evidence for least trade-distorting sanitary regulations?,
    American Journal of Agricultural Economics 91 (5): 1484-1490.
  • Schlüter, S.W., Rau, M.-L., Wieck, C., Humphrey, J., Colen, L., Heckelei, T. (2009).
    Analytical Framework for the NTM-Impact Project,
    NTM-Impact Working Paper 09/02. University of Bonn.
  • Bureau, J.C., Witzke, H.P., Gohin, A., Heckelei, T., Wieck, C., Chouinard, H.H., Rudloff, B., Bernard, B. (2009).
    The US Farm Bill 2008 - Comparison with the EU CAP after Health Check,
    A Study (No IP/B/AGRI/FWC/2006-146-Lot4-C01-SC1) for the European Parliament, Directorate General for Internal Policies, Directorate B Structural and Cohesion Policy.
  • Wieck C., Heckelei, T. (2007).
    Determinants, Differentiation, and Development of Marginal Costs in Dairy Production: An Empirical Analysis for Selected Regions of the EU,
    Agricultural Economics 36 (2): 203-220.
  • Wieck, C., Rudloff, B. (2007).
    The Bioterrorism Act of the USA and International Food Trade: Evaluating WTO Conformity and Bilateral Import Effects,
    Agrarwirtschaft 56 (3): 147-160.
  • Perez, I., Wieck, C. (2006).
    Welfare Distribution between EU Member States through different National Decoupling Options - Implications for Spain,
    Economia Agraria y Recursos Naturales 6: 109-137.
  • Wieck, C., K. Louhichi, Henry de Frahan, B. (2004):
    Simulating the WTO-Proposals: Effects on the European agricultural sector,
    CAPRI Working paper 04-01, Institute of Agricultural Policy, University of Bonn.
  • Wieck C., Perez I., Jansson, T., Britz W. (2004):
    Auswirkungen der MTR-Beschlüsse auf die Landnutzung in den europäischen Regionen und Betrieben - Eine quantitative Analyse mit dem CAPRI Modellsystem,
    Schriften der Gesellschaft fuer Wirtschafts- und Sozialwissenschaften des Landbaus e.V. 39: 87-96.
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