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Wolfgang Britz

Head of Group
Economic Modeling of Agricultural Systems

PD Dr. agr., Senior Lecturer and Researcher

Nussallee 19, Haus 2, room 0.008 (ground floor)
Tel.: ++ 49 - 2 28 - 73 29 12

Wolfgang Britz is senior researcher and lecturer in a tenured position at the Institute for Food and Resource Economics, University Bonn, where his research focus is on the impacts of agricultural, environmental and trade policies on the agricultural sector, the environment and rural areas based on quantitative analysis with different types of economic simulation models. Since 2017, he heads the Economic Modeling of Agricultural Systems group after temporarily heading the "Production Economics" chair in 2016.

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Dr. Britz regularly consults governments and international organizations such as the EU Commission, OECD or FAO based on quantitative impact assessments and in methodological matters relating to economic simulation models.

He developed the first versions of the CAPRI modeling system and contributed until 2012 to its evolvement as a global economic simulation model for trade in agricultural and food products combined with detailed bio-economic supply models for European agriculture, including coordinating large-scale EU funded research projects focusing on CAPRI. Since 2015, he develops the CGEBox modeling system for which he was awarded a GTAP research fellowship.

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since 4/2017 Head of Economic Modeling of Agricultural Systems group, University of Bonn
1/2016-3/2017 Temporary head of chair Production Economics, University of Bonn
4/2015 Habilitation in Agricultural Policy and Quantitative Modeling, University of Bonn
05/1996 - 12/2015Senior Lecturer and Researcher (Akademischer Oberrat), Economic and Agricultural Policy
09/2006-03/2008Researcher at the Joint Research Centre of the EU Commission, Ispra, Italy, temporary leave from University Bonn
01/2001-12/2003Adjunct Professor at the University of Bloemfontein, South Africa, realized via short time stays
01/1994-04/1996 Consultant with EuroCARE, EUROSTAT und FAO
11/1994 Doctorate in agricultural economics
03/1991-07/1991 Research Assistant, Iowa State University, Ames/USA
12/1990-12/1993 Research Assistant at the Institute for Agricultural Policy, University Bonn
06/1990-11/1990 Consultant at EUROSTAT, Luxemburg
10/1987-05/1990 Agricultural sciences in Bonn and diploma at Bonn University
07/1986-07/1987 One year stage on farms in Germany
10/1984-06/1986 Agricultural sciences at Bonn University
1964 Born in Voelklingen/Saar, Germany

Research areas

Current Work topics

since 2017Development of re-cursive dynamic variant of CGEBox for long-term baseline construction, joinlty with Roberto Roson
since 2016Development of dynamic stochastic programming approaches to solve real options, with Alisa Spiegel
since 2013Development of CGEBox a modular, user interface augmented platform for CGE modeling in GAMS, since 2015 jointly with the GTAP center in Purdue
since 2013Development of an Agent Based Model for structural change in the German dairy sector, together with Thomas Heckelei in the context of the DFG funded project "Understanding spatial interactions and structural change in the dairy production chain"
since 2011Development of fully dynamic farm scale model with state contigent decision variables and detailed investment decisions, together with Bernd Lengers, Till Kuhn, David Schäfer, Lennart Kokemohr
since 2014Development of an regionalized agricultural sector model for Norway, together with Klaus Mittenzwei, NILF, OSLO

Project coordination

3/2009-6/2013EU research framework VII project CAPRI-RD
3/2004-7/2006 EU research framework VI project CAPRI-Dynaspat
4/2001-3/2004 EU research framework V project CAP-STRAT


Currently teaching

    Partial and general equilibrium modeling (summer term, master program)

    Bio-economic modeling at farm Scale (summer term, master program)

    Applied modeling of agricultural systems (winter term, master program)

    Project seminar for master students (winter term, master program)

Previously taught

    Decision Theory and Risk Management (master program)

    Investment and Financing (master program)

    Unternehmsplanung und Organisation, Teilbereich Investionsplanung (bachelor program)

    Grundlagen der Ökonomie, Teilbereich Investion und Finanzierung (bachelor program)

    Teilbereich Agrarpolitik (Agricultural Policy) der Veranstaltung "Einführung in die Agrar- und Umweltpolitik" (bachelor program)

    Policy Analysis Seminar (master program)

    Public choice in the Agri-Food Sector (master program)

    European and International Agricultural Policy (master program)

    Microeconomics (master program)

    Implementation and Interpretation of Policy Scenarios in Partial Equilibrium Models of the Agricultural Sector (block course, doctoral program)

Selected publications and conference contributions

Selected past research and work topics

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