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Wolfgang Britz

Head of Group
Economic Modeling of Agricultural Systems

PD Dr. agr., Senior Lecturer and Researcher

Nussallee 19, Haus 2, room 0.008 (ground floor)
Tel.: ++ 49 - 2 28 - 73 29 12

Wolfgang Britz is senior researcher and lecturer in a tenured position at the Institute for Food and Resource Economics, University Bonn, where his research focus is on the impacts of agricultural, environmental and trade policies on the agricultural sector, the environment and rural areas based on quantitative analysis with different types of economic simulation models. Since 2017, he heads the Economic Modeling of Agricultural Systems group after temporarily heading the "Production Economics" chair in 2016.

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Dr. Britz regularly consults governments and international organizations such as the EU Commission, OECD or FAO based on quantitative impact assessments and in methodological matters relating to economic simulation models.

He developed the first versions of the CAPRI modeling system and contributed until 2012 to its evolvement as a global economic simulation model for trade in agricultural and food products combined with detailed bio-economic supply models for European agriculture, including coordinating large-scale EU funded research projects focusing on CAPRI. Since 2015, he develops the CGEBox modeling system for which he was awarded a GTAP research fellowship.

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Selected past research and work topics

2014-2015Development of an recursive-dynamic, spatial Multi-Commodity Model for wood and wood based products
2009- 2014Contribution of EU Network of Excellence LIAISE on Impact Assessment Tools
2012 - 2013Work with Michael Ferris and Arnim Kuhn on the application of Mulitple Optimization Problems with Equilibrium Constraints (MOPEC) to water allocation problems
2012 - 2013Work on a GAMS based version of the AGLINK-COSIMO model for the OECD
2011- 2014Contribution of EU Project FADNTOOL
3/2009- 6/2013Co-ordination of CAPRI-RD project, aiming at the Further development of the CAPRI Modeling system including regional CGEs at NUTS2 level covering the EU
9/2011- 1/2012Development of a spatial trade model for poultry meat,
contribution to project NTM-IMPACT
8/2010-11/2010Study for OECD on impacts of CAP reforms
1/2010 - 6/2010Study for U.K. government on CAP post 2013
2009 - 2010 Contribution to IPTS-Biofuel project
4/2008-12/2009 Development of a village CGE, linked with a Agent Based Model,
contribution to project Advanced-Eval
2009Work with Ruth Delzeit on a regionalized model for bio-gas production in Germany and its linkage to CAPRI
2008 - 2009 Contribution to EU-Farms project
8/2006-3/2008 Spatial dis-aggregation of CAPRI results to 1x1km grid cells at Pan-European scale
8/2006-3/2008 Link between economic and bio-phyiscal models (CAPRI-DNDC link and statistical meta-model of DNDC)
8/2006-3/2008 Integrated Pan-European Policy Impact Assessment of Agri-Environmental Interactions based on Spatial Downscaling (JRC, Italy)
2006-2007 Contribution to study on ammonia abatement
3/2005-7/2006 Contribution to EU-Mercopol project
3/2004-7/2006 Contribution to EU-Med-Agpol project
12/2004-12/2005 Contribution to CAPRI-IPTS project
2/2004-2/2005 Study for FAO on Consolidation of Trade Matrices and Supply Utilization Accounts
1/2005-12/2009 Contribution to SEAMLESS project
2/2004-11/2004 Study on Long-Term Trends of Agricultural Variables for the European Environmental Agency
2002/2003 Impact analysis of the Medium Term Impact Proposal with the CAPRI Modeling System
01/2001-12/2003 Support of modeling activities at University of Bloemfontein, South Africa,Chair in International Agricultural Marketing and Development
12/2000-12/2003 at2030 model: Development and improvement of a long-term world agricultural trade model for FAO, Rome
9/2000 Contribution to international course "Agricultural Sector Models", INA Tunis, Tunesia
9/2000 Course on quantitative trade analysis, University of Bloemfontein, South Africa
4/2000-6/2000 Consultancy with OECD, Paris: Modelisation of Tariff Rate Quotas in the AGLink modeling system
1996-1999 Development of a regionalized medium-term simulation system for the agricultural sector of the EU (CAPRI)
1996 Management of the workshop "Software Use in Agricultural Sector Modeling"
1995-1996 Development of an graphical user-interface for Policy Information Systems (e.g. SPEL)
1994-1995 Analysis of impact of GATT-negotiations on world trade with agricultural products (WATSIM and World Food Model, FAO, Rome)
1992-1993 Further development of a policy information system for the German Farm Data Accounting network (DIES)
1991-1992 Improvement of the feed module of the SPEL basis model
1991 Protoype of a model to depict nitrate leaching from intensive livestock farming for Iowas's Counties
1990 Compilation of statistical data on the agriculture of the southern EU member states (SPEL)
1990 Diploma thesis on general equilibrium models
1988-1989 Regional incidence analysis, the example of the opera Bonn

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