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You are here: ILREconomic Modeling of Agricultural SystemsStaff Britz

Wolfgang Britz

Head of Group
Economic Modeling of Agricultural Systems

PD Dr. agr., Senior Lecturer and Researcher

Nussallee 19, Haus 2, room 0.008 (ground floor)
Tel.: ++ 49 - 2 28 - 73 29 12

Wolfgang Britz is senior researcher and lecturer in a tenured position at the Institute for Food and Resource Economics, University Bonn, where his research focus is on the impacts of agricultural, environmental and trade policies on the agricultural sector, the environment and rural areas based on quantitative analysis with different types of economic simulation models. Since 2017, he heads the Economic Modelling of Agricultural Systems group after temporarily heading the "Production Economics" chair in 2016.

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Dr. Britz regularly consults governments and international organizations such as the EU Commission, OECD or FAO based on quantitative impact assessments and in methodological matters relating to economic simulation models.

He developed the first versions of the CAPRI modelling system and contributed until 2012 to its evolvement as a global economic simulation model for trade in agricultural and food products combined with detailed bio-economic supply models for European agriculture, including coordinating large-scale EU funded research projects focusing on CAPRI.

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GAMS Graphical User Interface Generator (GGIG)


Complex economic models offer a wide range of options for simulation runs and return a vast amount of data, which has to be explored and exploited in various ways. The GAMS Graphical Interface Generator (GGIG) allows to operate such economic models through a Java based user interface.

GGIG was developed to generalize functionalities originally developed for CAPRI and allows to steer complex applications and to analyze their results based on tables, graphics and maps. It generates a basic Graphical User Interface for GAMS projects based on XML files.


These files define the controls for simulation runs and result exploitation. GGIG is currently used in a number of economic and agricultural modeling projects across the world. Besides GAMS, it also supports applications using the free-ware statistical package R and can also provide input for applications realized in Java. One project might also combine applications using these different languages.

Where is GGIG used?

GGIG is currently used e.g. in the following projects respectively modeling systems


References and Dcoumentation

Britz, B., Perez, I. and Gopalakrishnan B.N. (2015): Analyzing Results from Agricultural Large-scale Economic Simulation Models: Recent Progress and the Way Ahead, German Journal of Agricultural Economics 65(2): 106-119

Britz, W. (2014): A New Graphical User Interface Generator for Economic Models and its Comparison to Existing Approaches, German Journal of Agricultural Economics, 63(4): 271-285

GGIG user guide, 169 pages, Version June 2016

GGIG programming guide, 79 pages, Version June 2016

Slides on GGIG

Dummy installation as a starting point to develop a GGIG project (start with gui\test.bat)

Some examples how to work with globals in GAMS, useful for working with GGIG

Recent changes

November 2015 Network graphs added
October 2015 Beta testing for GTAP in GAMS with GUI based on GGIG to prepare roll-out by GTAP center
October 2015 Generic decomposition approach using Jacobian information from CONVERT added to "Equation and Variable viewer"
September 2015 OECD decides to used GGIG for official PEM release
September 2015 Macros, loops and if conditions in batch mode
August 2015 Batch mode supports parallel excecution of several GAMS tasks
June 2015 Table and list controls now can load information from GDX files
May 2015 Search fields for table columns and rows
May 2015 Combo boxes can now also be shown as group in own viewport with scrollbars
December 2014 Export to xlsx besides xls added
February 2015 Waterfall chart added
January 2015 Scatter plots added
Spring 2015 Policy Evaluation Model (PEM) goes GGIG, used in introductionary class on Agricultural Policy
December 2014 Support for dependencies between controls
December 2014 Support for different Look and Feel implementations
November 2014 Map viewer supports flexible regional aggregation
October 2014 New file selection control with separate box for sub-directories
October 2014 Support for SVN version 1.8

Last Updated:Friday, April 07, 2017