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Master-/Diplomarbeiten zur Vergabe

We accept Master students outside of the AFECO program only under special agreement.


Consumer preferences for plant products from aquaponic facilities  Ching-Hua Yeh 
Consumer preferences for fish from aquaponic facilities  Ching-Hua Yeh 
Barriers or beneficial factors infuencing the acceptance of farmers to adopt new fertilization and pesticide technologies.  Ursula Ploll 
Sustainability labels on "Glühwein": Do consumers care?  Jeanette Klink-Lehmann 
Genomic selection to reduce antibiotic use in livestock production - a consumers'acceptance study  Jeanette Klink-Lehmann 
“Antibiotic-free” meat products: Who drives and who benefits from this movement  Jeanette Klink-Lehmann 
Consumers’ purchase intention of/for antibiotic-free meat – An empirical analysis at the example of “Reinerts Herzenssache”  Jeanette Klink-Lehmann 


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