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Faculty of Agriculture

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Institute for Food and Resource Economics

Production Economics

Temporary Chair: Dr. Marten Graubner
Research activities of the Production Economics group focus on the quantitative analysis of farm- and firm-level decisions in the agriculture and food sector. Of particular importance are questions related to the influences of (climate) risks, risk management and the adoption of new production techniques and technologies. The interdisciplinary research approach is based on bio-economic modelling approaches, economic analyses and the use of econometric techniques.
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Agribusiness Management

Chair: Prof. Dr. Stefanie Bröring
The newly established chair group of Agribusiness Managemen focuses on current management issues of food and agribusiness. Our central research interest is technology and innovation management (TIM) in agri-food chains and networks.
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Resource and Environmental Economics

Chair: Prof. Dr. Karin Holm-Müller
Main topics in our research projects:
- Economic Analysis of Environmental and Nature Conservation Policy
- Conservation of Genetic Resources in Biodiversity-rich Countries
- Valuation of Environmental Goods
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Economic and Agricultural Policy

Chair: Prof. Dr. Thomas Heckelei
The chair for economic and agricultural policy focuses its research on analysing agricultural and food policies. While continuing research on more traditional agricultural policy issues, newer projects cover environmental impacts of agriculture, rural development issues and trade in agricultural and food commodities.Policy impact analysis is an established research field, mainly based on economic simulation models but increasingly enriched and expanded by econometric analysis.
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Agricultural and Food Market Research

Chair: Prof. Dr. Monika Hartmann
The research activities of the department comprise qualitative and quantitative analyses with regard to agricultural and food markets on a national and international level.
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Economic Modeling of Agricultural Sytems Group

Head: PD Dr. Wolfgang Britz
Our research focus is on the quantitative analysis of questions related to sustainability of and provision of eco-systems services by agri-food systems from farm to global scale. Our team develops and applies different Economic Simulation Models and related methodologies, often in large-scale applications.
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Household and Consumption Economics

Chair: Prof. Dr. Michael-Burkhard Piorkowsky (retired since 2013)
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