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Masterarbeiten zur Vergabe

Diese Themen sind konkrete Vorschläge, die einen Bezug zu Lehrinhalten und Forschungsprojekten unseres Lehrstuhls haben. Gerne sprechen wir mit Ihnen auch ├╝ber eigene Ideen zu Themen aus den Bereichen Innovationsmanagement, Konvergenzforschung und Technologieakzeptanz.

Categorization of systemic innovation: a meta analysis Dr. Laura Carraresi 
Challenges and opportunities in microbial production of rhamnolipids: A value chain analysis  Laura Borge 
Comparison of application areas of CRISPR-Cas9: Animal versus plant applications Prof. Dr. Stefanie Bröring 
Criteria-based identification of key enabling technologies of the bioeconomy: Text-mining analysis of patent and publication data Dr. Natalie Laibach 
Design and assess quinoa’s value chain including derived products and cascade uses of by-products  Sukhada Khedkar 
Digital readiness of the bioeconomy  Michael Wustmans 
Digitalisation: what are the options for using publicly available data for strategic foresight and competitive analyses? (in cooperation with Phytowelt) Prof. Dr. Stefanie Bröring 
Engaging consumer-citizens in the Bioeconomy: How is deliberative monetary valuation relevant for understanding the acceptance of innovative technologies?  Chad M. Baum 
Evaluate the market adoption at B2B level as well as market acceptance at B2C level of quinoa and its derived products  Sukhada Khedkar 
Evaluating firms patent portfolio: What’s the differences between results of semantic analysis and technological classification?  Silvan Berg 
Genome editing in the food sector and social acceptance: exploring consequences of CRISPR-Cas9 (to be further defined)  Chad M. Baum 
Identify market entry options vs barriers for quinoa and its derived products  Sukhada Khedkar 
Key enabling technologies in the bioeconomy: analysing publication, patent and trend database landscapes of emerging technologies and products Dr. Natalie Laibach 
Mapping technology opportunities for plant health  Michael Wustmans 
Measuring the emergence of novel technologies through semantic patent analysis  Silvan Berg 
Recognition and evaluation of key enabling technologies for the bioeconomy by experts: questionnaire design and testing Dr. Natalie Laibach 
Technology Innovation systems in the context of second generation of biorefineries – relevant actors, institutions and functions  Lora Tsvetanova 
Technology Innovation Systems of key enabling technologies: the case of plant health  Michael Wustmans 
Value-added surplus products: exploring consumer acceptance of the innovative use of food waste  Chad M. Baum 


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